Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shadows of the Heart

The cover, of course. 

Avangeline Lenzo has always had an easy life. A good job, friends, a house, even going to a nice school. Going clubbing was her break every now and then, until she and her boyfriend Rowland split and she started staying home. 

One night her friends give her no choice and take her out. Thats when things actually start to get weird, and the truth is exposed to her. She is a witch, and its her duty to take on ruling a vampyre throne where she would become what her grandfather was, half vampyre and half witch - That's if she can stay alive long enough.

With rogues making way to start a war, and constantly sending creatures out to find and capture Avangeline. Keeping her safe is going to be harder than anyone thought it would be.

Who do you trust when everyone seems to become what you fear most, follow Avangeline on her journey in books one, two, three and four of the Shadows in the Dark series, in Shadows of the Heart!

So, most of you know about my book series Shadows in the Dark. I'm now combining books one, two, three and four into one big book and selling it world wide as of July 14th 2012. There's going to be a release party for it and Book of Curses where you can win copies of either book in paperback OR e-book form, bookmarks or more even!
 I felt that the books would do better when selling in something like this, you won't be left hanging.... AS much, you'll understand people faster get around to the point of some things faster and hell.. maybe you can finish the series faster so that when Blood Eclipse comes out you can say you know the back story to it all!
 Now, I can't really give away too much here, but after this I think I'll write maybe four or five more for a second book like this one before Blood Eclipse is let out at all. If I do, it'll take a while of course, so many books so little time lol!
 I really do hope everyone enjoys the books and series as much as possible and that there are no problems with it. I had the idea for the entire thing when I was little (8 Years Old to be exact) and it just sort've stuck with me over the years so I finally got around to finishing and publishing it. Even if it isn't a long novel or something of that sort.
 In this though you'll meet Avangeline (Of Course), Sarah, Anthony, Phoenix, Seabastion, Kara, and many more crazy characters that you'll either love or hate or want to hate. There's action, blood and more involved for those asking, for the ones who want a specific genre I'd have to say Paranormal/Romance for this book in particular.
 Leave your comments below about the cover by the way, I want to hear what you think about it! I love this cover out of everyone I've ever made but do you guys like it? Think it catches the eye fast enough? I hope it does!

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