Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Updates/Information/Release dates!

So, today I'm going to try and get my book "The Darker Side: Short Stories" Up on Smashwords - Hopefully that'll get it up everywhere else. 

The Darker Side, is basically a collection of short stories I wrote, most characters intertwine other's don't.
It range's from Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and more - Trying my best to get it up as soon as possible check it out, spread the word, review it!

The price will still be set to $1.75, so if you can try and pick up a copy! There's a preview of Shadows in the Dark AND Book of Curses inside of it!

Speaking of both of those books, I'm going to be releasing both this year! Scroll on down below for a quick look on what the books are about and possible release dates! :)

The Renning Chronicles: Book of Curses

Book of Curses follow's the story of Raine and Thomas Renning, who on their 18th birthday are pulled into a book when reading the contents. 
Upon their arrival to this alternate world, they're told the prophecy of the "Destined" who are supposed to save everyone from the four gods - Amamai, Arbeal, Sita and Maldre. 
When learning the ways of this new world they come across creatures only imaginable in your deepest dreams, Raine and Tom learn that they have to learn to cope with their Guardians who just happen to be, Werewolves, Shape shifters, Vampires, Demon's, Fey, Nephilim, Human's, and some of their friends.
When the God's find a way to open a portal back to our world trouble become's worse - The end of the world is at stake. 
It's up to Raine, Tom and their allies to save the world from them; Will they win or lose? Find out in Book one of The Renning Chronicles: Book of Curses, dropping March 15th 2012!

Shadows in the Dark: Part One

Avangeline was your average 21 year old, she has friends, college life, normal everyday ex boyfriend problems and bills to pay. 
Too bad that isn't the least of her problems. One night while hanging out with her friend Sarah at a club she learns the sad truth about her - She's a vampire and that's not the end of it.
She find's out her true purpose and what really lurks out there in the middle of the night. 
She's all that's left of her family line and it's up to her to stop a raging war that's been going on for almost 300 years. 
Will she succumb to the Dark side or help stop the war? Find out later this year in Shadow's in the Dark: Part One dropping Winter 2012!

Post your thoughts! Let me know what you think on the books or if you'll buy any of them! Tell me which one's you're most anticipated for too! 

As far as I'm concerned these are the real date's for the books and Shadow's cover is out at the moment! Book of Curses book is in the process of being made the release date for it will be Feburary 20th! 

I'll be posting update's on any new book idea's, new information on the books, even free giveaway's of the book's! Contests as well so make sure to keep an eye out!! 

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